Charles Storks

Founder & Principal

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Senior Translator

Associate Consultant

Center for Veterans Issues

Royalty Bundles LLC

A Boutique Beauty & Cosmetics Company based in Port Gibson, MS

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Marilyn Laster

Accounts Manager

Maat Asset Management Inc

U.S. Angola Chamber of Commerce

Republic of Angola

A Government Entity based in Washington D.C. & Luanda Angola

A Trade & Commerce Organization based in Washington D.C.

A Business Service Company based in Port Gibson, MS

A Veterans Service Organization
based in Milwaukee, WI

Khanya Corporation was founded in 2011 by Charles Storks a U.S. Army Logistical Specialist and is Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, where it has established itself as a reputable company known for dedication and commitment to its customers and employees. Khanya Corporation's core mission is to deliver great products and quality service to our clients, customers and employees.